From acorn to mighty oak

Planting a seed and in time seeing it change into a beautiful flowering plant or even a tree is one of nature’s miracles. Of course, the seed needs the right conditions but with these comes the growth. This imagery of planting a seed and giving it the right conditions for growth is one that can be applied to many facets of life. The seed can be many things …an idea, a new relationship and even the beginnings of a story. Add your own interpretation here …

A work colleague gave me the idea of starting a school in the Philippines, after I told her my wife and I had bought some land there. The story of how this has developed into the idea of a school and support centre for children with Cerebral Palsy can be found on my website At the moment, we are trying to give it the right conditions for growth … planning how it will be run, going through the process of starting a charity, appointing trustees who can offer the key skills to move the project forward. It’s still very much a work in progress but the journey has definitely started.

How about the idea for a new story? It might be that you need to leave the seed for a while. Germination sometimes takes longer than we appreciate. Maybe you now need to start adding the conditions for growth … add to your jottings – get more inspiration, develop a character, deepen the plot, take a big chunk out … only you know what needs to be done.

Be patient, it will grow and develop into something wonderful if you tend to it as a gardener carefully tends his plants.

In the words of Ronan Keating

Life is a Rollercoaster just got to ride it. Very profound I know but ‘hang on’ …

One of the keys to learning and life is resilience. ‘Never give up’,  ‘keep going’ are phrases you should hear every day in a healthy classroom. If you’re a budding or a struggling writer then they are for you too. In fact they are, of course, for you if you’re a struggling anything.

Often we feel we can be struggling alone and the the thought demons have a field day, leaving us emotionally battered.

You’re not alone. Thousands have taken the path before AND MADE IT through in their own way. How? By hanging in there.

So hang in there friend, whatever it is you’re going through.

Slightly zonked!

This e-publishing is like an onion … yeah, that old chestnut … oh, I see where I’m going here …

Decided to upload Moondust to Amazon KDP. Official release date April 4th but now available for pre-ordering …YAY!

I felt very pleased with myself as I headed for bed at 12.30 a.m on Friday night, after a couple of hours gazing at a computer screen and wondering if I ‘got it right’ … well I think I did! Checked what it would look like on various platforms and corrected one tiny formatting issue. Got a bit over confident today and have now published to Nook and Smashwords. My eyes are now computer screen shaped, after filling in umpteen forms. Must give myself a break from the screen.

It’s been a bit of a mad week (half term)

I’ve managed to get a lot done online … set up this blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page AND updated pages, done a bit of writing. Most importantly, I’ve spent some quality time with my beautiful wife and my two children (Isaac, sixteen months and Hannah, three weeks!). In life, whatever you’re doing, people (especially family) must come first … along with your walk with God (from my Christian point of view!). Now it’s back to work, so my online ‘work’ will be more of a dribble than a stream. Still, looking forward to connecting in the virtual world 🙂

Moving forward

Once the Moondust has settled (pun intended), I’ll be working on the fine details of ‘The Rex Factor’, a short story about a talented dog show. Maybe these dog characters will be developed in later stories, who knows? Children love animal stories but they’ve also been done to death, so originality needs to be sharp. Would love to have some recommendations for great new kids stories involving animals.

Another blurb … thoughts?

Moondust is a cheeky and lively little Welsh terrier brought back from the brink of death by Ed Frost. Ed finds him in an old sack, dumped on the heathland only a short distance from his home in south Shropshire. This dramatic discovery leads to a courageous race for the life of many other pups kept in cruel conditions on a local farm.

Happy blogging peeps