How formidable is this roller coaster?

This time last year I was blogging about the title for our land in Bohol finally being made available. Thankfully, it arrived safely in the UK via one of my wife’s relatives … cheers Uncle Willy! It’s now stored with all the other official documents about our land. (Sorry, God’s land entrusted to us!) There are a few more hurdles to overcome concerning the land, including vital access issues, but that blog can wait.

I should have known that when we started on this journey, there would be other twists and turns, hills and valleys.

Sometimes you assume that you know the right way to go about something. Well I assumed starting a British based charity to work with cerebral palsy kids in the Philippines was the right way and got stuck into some of the ‘nitty gritties’ straight away – reading and trying to get my head round charity requirements, putting together various documents, etcetera. I plodded through rigorously  and gained the kind advice of a trustee from another like-minded charity. Then I arrived at the part where you need to recruit trustees into various roles. Fairly quickly, two faithful and reliable friends committed themselves to our cause. Great! This charity lark was a doddle … BANG!!

Re-arrange these words to make a sentence:

hit  wall  I  massive  a  brick …

I knew you’d get it straight away 🙂 I could not find a treasurer for love nor money … pun intended. All the people I asked would be perfect, or so I thought. But for whatever reason God had decided it wasn’t going to be them.

Cue potential colossal turn in the journey…

For several months I had an incredibly strong sense/feeling that a well respected Christian writer I had come across over her knowledge of cerebral palsy would have a big influence over the vision that God had given. After contacting her, here is a short extract from her reply…

Setting up a charity is certainly not for the faint-hearted! I assume you’ve explored the possibility of coming under the umbrella of a charity already undertaking similar work in that part of the world – allowing you to concentrate on ‘getting on with what needs to be done’? … 

Now bear in mind that this little gem was hidden in the middle of a much longer e-mail and muggins here (that’s me!) already thought he knew the right way to go. After the brick wall, I re-read the e-mail and realised God’s answer to the trustee problem – come ‘under the umbrella’ of an already established charity working in the Philippines. It wasn’t like I hadn’t considered this it was just that I thought I knew the way ahead and I’m the sort that needs to be slapped across the face with a wet fish to get my attention.

Some meaningful and encouraging progress has already been made and my heart is cheered and hopeful but it’s still early days. The journey continues!

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