Caught in the right web

The appearance of your website can make a MASSIVE difference to keeping an audience … or not.

  1. Your audience needs to be hooked from the first ‘alighting’ to your site. 3 to 5 seconds is all it will take to draw them in or send them away. What have you done to draw them in?
  2. You then need to keep your audience. Your content is key but the APPEARANCE of the content is just as important.

Try finding some random websites, maybe along the theme of say, holiday cottages. Which ones do you want to examine further? Which ones do you shy away from? How much difference does the appearance make over the content?

Keeping the idea of life as a journey on a roller coaster, I can say that the layout and design of our shekinahschool website has had its ups and downs. The original website was awkward, dated and rather unfriendly in appearance. On the other hand, although still ‘a work in progress’, the new website fills me with confidence that we can use and develop it for years to come.

What do you think of the appearance?

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