Can you help with this blurb?

When testing his brand new telescope on the nearby hills, Ed Frost spots a man walking. Unusually, the stranger stops, leaves something behind and returns the way he came. Ed and his best friend Bertie investigate. They find two terrified Welsh terrier pups tied up in a sack and left for dead. Ed names one Moondust and the other Meteor. Moondust soon becomes a much loved member of the family, while Meteor’s life hangs in the balance.

By chance, Ed spots an advert for puppies in the local newspaper. He phones up pretending to be interested in buying a pup. The pups are being sold at a local farm. Ed and Bertie go on a spying mission. On the way, they meet an old foe and make an unexpected friendship. He has been rejected by his older brother, who is renting the farm and selling the puppies in a heartless money making business. The boys are disgusted by what they see – bedraggled underfed pups, kept in dirty and cramped conditions – a cruel death camp for dogs.

A courageous and daring race for life begins. Can they rescue the pups and bring the sinister operator to justice?

Thoughts and suggestions please …

Thanks peeps

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